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Benefits Of Infrared Gas Oven {Save 35% Gas}

Benefits Of Infrared Gas Oven  {Save 35% Gas}

Benefits of I.R. Gas Heating System:

1) Initial investment : for this oven initial investment will be lower than normal Air conventional Oven , the structure of the oven will be simpler ,since there is no need to build the Air-convection-system, such as the Air blowers , Burner Firing chamber cum Heat exchanger systems, Heavy Duty Electrical Motor, Air convection ducting cum tunnel, heavy M.S support of the oven incase camelback oven etc.., the initial investments for an I.R. Oven will be much lower than a Air Convection Oven. Furthermore, the infrared Heating Systems can be easily installed on the side-walls, ceilings or bottom of the oven, so the structure of the oven getting simpler.

2) Better quality. The wave length of the infrared ray emitted by the infrared burners will vary from 4~10 um.This wave length is similar to the water and paint molecules. So that the infrared ray can cause the resonance of the molecules. The frictions between the molecules will make the objects become warmer and warmer. So, objects will be heated from inside to surface, while the air convection heating method will heat the objects from surface to the inside. So that I.R.Heating has a better quality than air convection heating.

3) More Reliable. In an air convection oven, there might be only one Big Burner. If the burner is out of order, the oven must be out of order, too. But in an I.R.Oven, there will be tens, or many infrared burners. If one or two Burners not working, the production will not stop. What people need to do is just to take the unrepaired burner off and install a new one or a repaired one.

4) Energy efficiency and Environmental Friendly. It is no doubt that gas is a clean energy. The heat efficiency of an infrared gas burner is about 80%, while a normal air-heating-burner is only 40~50%. And the gas in the infrared burners can be burnt out 100% percent. Furthermore, the air convection system wills loss lot of heat. But the I.R.Heating system will not, because there is no air convection system at all.

5) Runnig cost lower : The initial cost for an IR heating oven is depended on the oven. The cost for the heating system is up to 25% lower than normal Air heating systems, there is no extra charge for the convection system in an I.R.system. And the cost for maintenance of an IR oven is much lower than Normal Air conventional oven. Generally in the Air conventional oven it has 12 to 15 HP motor installed with firing chamber, so that cost you can save directly in your pocket. It will be huge amount.

6) Uniform heating : If you want to know the accurate temperature of the objects, you can install the Infrared Heat Detectors in your ovens. But for most circumstances, we install more than one temperature detectors and temperature control meters in the oven and the control panel.

7) Unique Air mixing design produce precise pressurized gas/air combustion mixture uniformly .

8) Complete and clean combustion across entire surface of burner for high efficiency.

All above benefits will make your oven cheaper, better quality, easier to be maintained, and more reliable.

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